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Don't Wear Long Hair For Middle-aged Women With Big Faces!

Those middle-aged women with broad faces will focus their visual focus on their Angle of the mandible after leaving long hair, while short hair can make their mental state more uplifted, and can also properly modify their hair volume. The following short hair styles are not very picky and bring a good temperament to women.

1. Short hair curls freely with a perm

If you want to change your own state or enhance your external image, choosing the right hairstyle is definitely the top priority. Here are a few short hair styles that have a casual and sexy feel. You don't need to meticulously carve the hair, but you can harvest a few unrestrained hairstyles.

For women whose hair is not very comfortable or has delicate and soft hair, they are very suitable for perming some curly hair to show off their short hair and help their external image change or change at any time.

You can choose curly hair with a random curvature, which means you don't need to keep the curl quite neat and consistent, but you can create a slightly casual style, so that the curl of the hair is not too exaggerated, and it can also make the hair appear lighter appropriately. This curly hair can enhance the contour of the head. Women with diamond or square faces can also try to avoid facial lines appearing too dull.

2. Short hair with exposed ears appears more generous

It has to be said that facial shape does indeed constrain women's choices in hairstyle. If the facial lines are not very delicate and the facial curves are not particularly smooth, you can choose short hair with exposed ears to increase facial space and showcase a sense of aura and style.

The exposed ear short hair with bangs is not a special test of facial shape or facial features. By revealing the curves of the side face, it reflects a refreshing style that is suitable for use in various seasons. After adding diagonal bangs, it can directly and effectively adjust the hairline, and also inject a sense of warmth.

There are some differences in the length of short hair with exposed ears. If you want to maintain a regular style and avoid requiring too high personal basic conditions, it is recommended to adopt short hair with exposed ears in the chin position. It will not appear too neutral, and you can also use hair to cover the face shape appropriately, or use a curly hairstyle to optimize the facial curve.

The key to short hair with exposed ears is to expose the ears and use this hairstyle to properly shape the face. Choosing short hair with exposed ears above the chin further reduces the overall weight of the hairstyle.

Exposed ears short hair with bangs does make a woman's face more atmospheric, while also helping to maintain a clean and tidy appearance. Everyone needs to choose the appropriate bangs based on their hairline, temples, or face shape to match. By leaving eight character bangs at the temples and borrowing air bangs to add an intellectual aura, one can quickly transform their temperament.

3. Add diagonal bangs to reduce white space

Women with a wider face shape do not always need to keep long hair. Cutting short hair and matching bangs can enhance their face and create a more youthful effect.

Middle-aged women may not like straight bangs. They can use slanted bangs to cover a portion of the forehead and cheekbones, creating a facelift effect. Like this short hair, its tail is slightly raised, adding a sense of vitality, and the slanted bangs can add some dignified and self-sustaining style, fitting the image of older women.

4. Short hair and large diameter earrings match well

If it is long hair that falls loose, it may block the position of the ears. Even if the earrings worn are exquisite and gorgeous, they may be overshadowed by the long hair. Short hair is different, as it creates a certain gap and gives earrings a sparkling visual effect.

The larger the diameter of the earrings, the more they can instantly deprive the public of attention, forming an excellent embellishment effect. Like this round earring, durability is its advantage, and classic versatility is also its characteristic. It can be paired with the most basic bangless short hair for a more mature feel.

Circular large diameter earrings should be considered a familiar accessory for women, as they can be perfectly combined with exposed short hair to fill in the previously seemingly empty space.

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