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Tiny Curly Medium Length Hairstyle Loved By Temperament Goddesses

The hairstyle presents an exceptionally diverse form, which not only allows women to maintain a diverse and charming image, but also reveals their gentle and charming temperament from the inside out. And the temperament goddess's favorite medium long hair should be considered a highly malleable hairstyle, simple, high-end, and easy to manage.

1. There are many different styles of micro curly hair

Hairtail curl

Micro curly hair is a hairstyle that can bring a certain degree of volatility, mainly by constructing curly forms in various parts to increase the diversity of hairstyles, and the length of hair is just in line with women's needs to highlight their temperament or show a gentle demeanor.

Micro curly hair can bring a straight up and down curling effect, making the hair appear soft and comfortable, while the micro curly curve at the end of the hair gives the entire black hair a more obvious and sexy look, which can be self shaped with inward buckles or outward curls.

Large area micro curl

If you want to make curly hair more undulating, you can choose a large area of micro curly hair, creating various shapes and curves from the top of the head to the hair tip area.

Big wave and slightly curly hair, it will have less charming charm and more gentle atmosphere than traditional big wave and curly hair. If the curl of the hair is more concentrated, it will show a feminine vibe. This hairstyle is suitable for women with a slightly curved face to try, showcasing a tight and full face that looks very atmospheric and dignified.

Micro curly hair still has a certain appeal among women, and many young girls or elderly women can spend a small amount of time every day creating a fluffy and fashionable hairstyle.

If micro curly hair is curled from head to tail, especially at the ends of the hair, it is concentrated to give the hair a more rooted effect, and then the hair on the top of the head is permed to create a fluffy effect. This type of hairstyle can more effectively block or beautify the face shape.

2. Slightly curly hair with bangs

No matter what length of curly hair it is, you can try to use the combination of bangs to create a double optimization effect on personal temperament, but it still depends on the specific situation to decide what kind of bangs to match.

A four to six bangs can reveal a certain amount of forehead, but it is not very friendly to people with a wide face. It is suitable for women with thin and long facial shapes, and is used to shorten the length of the face, thereby achieving a specific facial proportion modification effect. A head of black hair falls below the shoulders, adding a graceful and delicate beauty.

For the vast majority of people, various facial bangs can bury their advantages, while lighter bangs are clearly more sought after and can better enhance their personal status. Regardless of the face shape, a combination of air bangs and slightly curly hair can be used, which is both goddess like and exudes a sense of temperament.

The middle part bangs make the hair more evenly distributed, with a winding curl at the end, adding some dynamic sensation to the visual experience. The air bangs can be evenly distributed on the forehead or moved closer to both sides, revealing the center of the forehead, playing a stretching role in the opposite direction. For people with short, wide, and round faces, it is easier to achieve a balanced facial shape.

3. Micro curly hair can be transformed into different forms

Tie down the ponytail

In addition to using slightly curled hair to create a lazy visual effect, one can also change the form, such as tying a low ponytail, so that the sagging hair does not disturb the sight and make movement more inconvenient.

Low ponytail: As long as you fold your hair into a bundle and fix it in a low position, you can show a more sharp image, but you also need to make certain adjustments based on your head condition or hairline to make the hairstyle most suitable for your face.

A low ponytail can also exhibit a casual or particularly sharp appearance. Generally speaking, the more neatly combed the hair, coupled with the absence of bangs, can create a sense of neatness. If you have bangs or broken hair hanging over your face, it will appear a bit lazy.

If a few strands of hair are simply added to the low ponytail, it adds a hazy atmosphere and makes the female facial contour look softer, reducing the bumpy feeling of the facial curve. And the low ponytail itself is a very generous hairstyle that women of any age can try.

High bun

In addition to tying slightly curly hair into a low ponytail, another style can also be deduced by raising the positioning point of the hairstyle, and the high bun is a hairstyle that is easy to showcase the vitality and lively state inside, simple and age-reducing.

High bun can help women show their full back of the head, with hair strands intertwined, and can also prevent hair from appearing messy, showcasing a neat effect. If the hairline is not particularly round, you can try pulling out some soft hair fragments at the temples to decorate the blank space in this area and deduce a more perfect hairstyle.

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