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What Hairstyle Looks Good for Women in Their Thirties and Forties

At different age groups, women tend to have different hairstyles or styles they want to try. At an age of 30 or 40, you can try the following three hairstyles: straight and curly, simple yet sophisticated.

Various long hair styles

1. Women with good hair quality are suitable for this simple shawl hair

The main styles introduced here are some long hair styles that look good when unraveled, and it is also convenient to tie them up with shark clips or hair loops. But everyone's hair quality and volume will vary, so it is necessary to choose a hairstyle based on their own basic conditions.

Women with good hair quality do not actually need to frequently perm and dye their hair. They have a smooth and shiny black hair that hangs over their shoulders, making their temperament quiet and calm. This hairstyle is like this, without curling out a fixed shape, allowing the hair to maintain its original "appearance", simple and generous. But if the hair quality is not good and the hair is prone to deformation, the completion of this hairstyle is not very high.

The most natural shawl hair is often a bonus for women with good hair quality. The tail of the hair droops, without the need for careful care, it will show off its temperament.

Shoulder length hair, which is neither long nor heavy, is very suitable for the current temperature. Using a center parting technique, divide the hair into different areas, and then look at your facial area to determine your facial shape and curves. Choose whether to use bangs and what style of bangs to use. The addition of short splayed bangs will bring a gentle temperament.

2. The hair tail positioning curl brings an elegant and dignified temperament

If you don't like a straight hairstyle, you can also adopt a tail positioning curl to create an elegant and dignified temperament, and you can also adjust the hairline to present many different postures.

The hair tips exhibit a specific curly shape, which is very everyday. The characteristic of this type of curly hair is that it does not bring too old-fashioned disadvantages. You can choose to use curly hair sticks to create corresponding effects, and the specific curvature and contour can be constructed by yourself. In the upper half of the hair, it does not have a curly feeling and will be more manageable.

For women who have left many long straight hair, if they want to change their image, they can adopt a curly hair twist style, which will make their temperament more mature. However, there are differences between different curls, and it may be difficult for an individual's appearance to be compatible with all hairstyles. In this case, a transition can be made by positioning the curls at the end of the hair.

Concentrate on shaping the curl at the end of the hair, allowing it to slightly curl outward, creating a delicate atmosphere that blooms with a tranquil and gentle beauty. It can be paired with various white tops, such as knitwear, and added with a high waisted knee length skirt, resulting in a very elegant overall posture.

3. Women with low hair volume are suitable for instant noodle curl

And for women with relatively little hair, they may suffer from thin and soft hair or excessive thinning of hair, resulting in their own state looking changing. For them, they need to find some hairstyles that can visually increase their hair volume.

Instant noodle curl is a unique presence among all curls of hair, which gives the hair a particularly fluffy and voluminous overall feel. However, it can also become a more picky existence, but it can create a subversion in style, so it can still become a popular hairstyle for many people. The shaping of curl is the most crucial, otherwise it will appear too loose and not enough for daily use.

Suggested matching earrings and clothing

Round earrings

After choosing your favorite long hair style, you can try adding different earrings to create a sense of refinement, while circular earrings are popular due to their simple and classic appearance.

The large diameter circular earrings will give a good decoration and contrast to the profile of the side face, paired with slightly curly hair or natural long straight hair, which is very stylish.

Bright clothing

Mature women with a little experience not only pay more attention to their hairstyle, but also have certain considerations about their clothing. The hairstyle should maintain a harmonious feeling from top to bottom with the clothing that was paired with that day, otherwise it will look disharmonious.

The styles introduced here are all long hair styles, which can appear gentle in temperament, but if you always wear plain colored clothing, it will strengthen the sense of understatement. In March and April, try pairing with some brightly colored items to enhance the color and create a new look. For example, this green knit shirt is full of the atmosphere of nature, combined with a soft tone that highlights long hair, making it even more vibrant.

Of course, when choosing clothing, especially the color of the top, it is still necessary to act according to one's own skin color and hair color. If the skin is fair and the hair color is regular, you can handle some bright clothing and show more vitality.

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