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Four Long Hairstyles Make You Appear Gentle Elegant and Generous

The style of short and long hair is inconsistent, and compared to a sleek short hair, flowing long hair can help women highlight their good temperament. In summer, you can try the following four hairstyles, each with its own unique features, making you appear gentle and generous.

1. Wave curly hair showcases a light texture

Wave curly hair display hair volume

Mature women definitely have their own insights into hairstyles. For them, a waterfall of wavy and curly hair can easily enhance the feeling of light maturity and obvious femininity.

The style and structure of wavy and curly hair are not exaggerated at all, and the accumulation of curls will make the hair volume appear more, making the entire hairstyle particularly easy to create a sense of atmosphere. Allowing hair to hang loose in the shoulder area can be very stylish.

Wave curly hair is a particularly popular hairstyle, and women with different aesthetic preferences will choose styles according to their own needs. If there are too many curls or excessive exaggeration, although it seems to have a lot of hair, it may also have the same sense of disorder as the Afro.

The curl constructed by wavy curls will be smooth and soothing, and the winding and undulating feeling of the hair will not be too strong or too prominent. The hair will have a more neat texture. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for mature women and looks very high-end.

Mild wavy curls may not immediately increase the amount of hair visually, but you can also choose a type with a smaller curl, creating a beautiful hairstyle that instantly fills the volume of the hair.

Waves and curls can help hair appear more and thicker, but at the same time, it is also important to ensure that the amount of hair is evenly distributed. You can choose a side parting method to concentrate one side of the hair, while pinning and fixing the other side of the hair to prevent it from shifting. This creates a particularly smooth side face curve.

Wave curly hair paired with a dress

After selecting wavy and curly hair, you can consider which category of clothing to use and how to combine it to create the most perfect look. In fact, it is recommended that you drive a dress in summer, as the flowing feeling of the dress and the flowing feeling constructed by wavy and curly hair have similar tones. When combined, the two will unlock a gentle and elegant outfit.

Wave curls are particularly easy to create a fluffy feeling, paired with a suspender style skirt piece that reveals a large area of neck curves and skin, helping to make the neck lines appear longer. The stacking of wave curls will not look messy or cumbersome.

If it is wavy and curly hair that looks relatively neat, it can be paired with simple hair bands to present a retro and gentle temperament, and the presentation of wavy and curly hair will also be very advanced.

The large and square wavy hair can help young girls showcase a particularly elegant side without appearing outdated. It is also combined with a lace style square neck dress, which is comfortable to wear and looks very appropriate.

2. Side braided braids are sweet

In terms of hairstyle, women who have no fixed idea can try a variety of hairstyles. They can not only use wavy hair to look feminine, but also use side braided braids to reveal a sweet smell.

The braid is woven on the side. The whole hair doesn't look too long. Let it fall on the shoulder on one side, and the curve of the shoulder and neck on the other side will look particularly beautiful. The whole person looks dignified and beautiful.

3. High skull half tied hair style looks vital

Women should be brave enough to try their hairstyles, as different types of hairstyles may not have the same main style. They can also be paired with various clothing to reveal a sense of fashion.

If you prefer a more energetic hairstyle, you can adopt this high skull half tied hair style. As long as the ponytail is tied higher, the lifting effect on the skull top will be more eye-catching, while the other half of the hair will come loose, showing a particularly quiet image. The high horse tail vitality and scattered hairstyle have a static beauty, combining movement and stillness, which is very vivid.

4. The low ponytail appears gentle

For most people, a low ponytail belongs to a hairstyle that is particularly simple to shape. As long as the hair is folded up and tied into a bundle, it creates a particularly gentle temperament.

If you feel that using black hair loops to tie a ponytail can be a bit dull and lacking in many features, this summer, it's better to try using hair bands and low ponytails to highlight a particularly soft atmosphere. Like this headband, it can be gently tied to the base of the low ponytail, creating a somewhat agile temperament. The headband will also come loose and sway with the hair.

Nowadays, women are very good at dressing up, and they can adopt a variety of hairstyles to improve their temperament and image. The low ponytail is a time-saving and labor-saving hairstyle. If you want to add a little novelty, you can pair it with a headband.

If you consider the fit of the hair band, try to choose a type with simple colors, so that any hair color added will rarely have a sudden feeling. This black hair band can add a bit of sweetness, highlighting the static beauty.

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