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How Important Is Hairstyle to Women?

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and women who want to change their hairstyles have already started taking action. If you don't believe it, take a look at the trendy people or friends around you. Many fashionable women have taken on a new look, and various sun treatments have opened up a new summer beauty mode.

Every summer, there is always an impulse to cut one's hair, and changing to a beautiful hairstyle also brings joy, as if finding a new self. If you want to find your other side, try changing your hairstyle, it may be surprising.

1. Short hair with exposed ears

Short hair with exposed ears is never left out and always attracts many fashionable women. The characteristic of this hairstyle is that its short length makes it easy to show off a beautiful swan neck; Rich in layers, it can instantly fluff the hair on top of the head, showing a super small face, and overall feeling handsome and fashionable.

Exposed ears short hair is a hairstyle that can be both concise and stylish, and can be sexy and fashionable. It can be created by ironing and dyeing to create a variety of styles, especially when the bangs are treated differently, the effect is completely different.

A woman with good-looking eyes, paired with bangs, can best highlight the look of the eyes. The length is around the eyes, playing a emphasizing role. With beautiful eye makeup, the entire focus is on this area, and such eyes can truly speak.

If you want to occasionally change the style, you can also separate the bangs, slant the seams, or comb all the bangs back to your head, which are all good styling ideas. Generally speaking, the face shape is longer, and if the bangs are combed downwards, it looks better, instantly shortening the face shape. If the face shape is shorter, the forehead shape is also very beautiful, and if the bangs are combed upwards, they are very handsome and show off their aura.

Short hair with exposed ears, due to the fluffy treatment on the top of the head, especially the shape modified through perm, can easily create an inverted triangular face shape, which is very small.

But it's not without taboos, for example, for women with wider mandibles, it's important to be cautious when wearing this hairstyle, as it's a exposed ear style that exposes the big cheeks every minute.

2. Face length short hair

Short hair on the face is usually between the cheeks and chin. This length of hairstyle not only has the sharpness of short hair, but also can effectively modify the face shape. Even if the jaw is prominent, it will be covered by the hair on both sides. Compared to short hair with exposed ears, short hair with a full face has a higher tolerance for facial shape.

Short hair on the face has strong plasticity, which can be neat and uniform, with a focus on personalized style. It can also increase the level of styling, making the overall feeling light and agile. It can also shape an S-shaped curve and romantic charm through perm. As for which one looks best, the choice is mainly based on one's own style.

3. Shoulder length medium short hair

Shoulder length short hair is usually between the neck and collarbone, so it also includes the collarbone hair that many people like. This hairstyle has always been popular, with a moderate length and does not affect height at all.

For women who don't want to cut their hair short but also want a new look, they can choose this shoulder length medium short hair, which can be draped or tied, straight or curved, and has a large styling space. Not only is it convenient for styling, but it also has a clear decoration for the face and neck.

Shoulder length short and medium hair has a powerful effect on modifying the face shape. The problems of a wide or narrow forehead, high cheekbones, wide jaw, and uneven face shape have always troubled many women. As long as the hair volume is sufficient, choose this shoulder length short and medium hair. It looks good and easy to take care of, and dressing is not picky. Suits, dresses, and T-shirts are all manageable, and the styles are diverse, so it's worth giving it a try.

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