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The Bob Hairstyle Is Indeed An Age Reducing artifact!

Being able to choose a hairstyle that suits oneself can definitely improve one's image and appearance. Among the numerous and complex hairstyles, the simplest hairstyle often has the greatest potential and ability to help women quickly achieve the goal of reducing age. Bob hair is a great representative of this, which can refract the hair into a slightly inward curved shape, regardless of age or facial shape.

Several styles of bob hair

1. No bangs, middle part bob

Bob hair is a major hairstyle that can be honed over time and endure for a long time, and there may be some differences in the specific styles. Here, we will first introduce the most atmospheric without bangs in the split bobo Toutou.

I like the most natural outfit, and the bob hair doesn't need to form various curls, just let the hair fall down on my face. If the hair is hard and has a little Frizz, let the hair bend out of the curve of the inner buckle. The size of the curvature can be shaped according to one's own ideas, and generally speaking, micro internal hair buckle can meet the needs of the vast majority of people.

However, the need to match the bangs with the bob hair still depends on the individual's specific situation, otherwise it will not bring more advantages. The face shape itself is very tight, and there are not too many facial features, so you can handle this minimalist hairstyle.

The middle part bob is a major hairstyle that allows people to ignore their specific age and try it directly. Using one side of hair to attach to the back of the ear can highlight the three-dimensional feeling of the face and also enhance the refreshing temperament.

2. Short splayed bangs+bob hair

Women with different looks or styles may make various choices in their hairstyles. If they feel that their forehead is particularly large and the space is too high, which makes them appear tired and full of vicissitudes, they can use shorter splayed bangs and bob hair to enhance their hairline and face shape.

The shorter splayed bangs are very convenient to manage, and can also be curled into specific shapes with a curling stick, making them more in line with the forehead and presenting a comfortable feeling. And this kind of bangs will not completely cover the forehead, but can also reveal a fresh and gentle style. Retaining the bob hair in the form of an inner buckle adds a supportive effect, adding a more feminine posture.

3. Air bangs+bob hair

Hair styles can affect an individual's state and mental appearance, so it is important not to be careless in this regard. If you don't know how to choose, it is recommended that you can cut a bob, which is cute and sweet, paired with air bangs, and looks extra small.

The style of air bangs will be particularly transparent and lightweight, with a gradual increase in hair volume from the center to the end of the eyebrows, which can focus on softening the facial contours and facial features.

4. Tie into a low ponytail

When the temperature gets higher and higher, it can also directly tie the bob into a low ponytail, making the skin on the neck more breathable and presenting a sense of dryness.

The shorter the low ponytail, the more powerful the aura it creates. However, this woman happens to use bangs to add some sweet and gentle vibe, not only reducing the spare space on her face, but also avoiding presenting an overly tough image. A simple bouquet of low ponytails, embellished on the brain, belongs to a very refreshing hairstyle that can be quickly constructed without too much tying techniques.

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