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Is Hair Mask Suitable For Dry or Wet Hair?

Is a hair mask good for dry hair or good for wet hair? The correct approach is as follows: When using a hair mask, it is best to apply it in a damp state, as the hair scales are soft and the structure of the hair expands, which is beneficial for the hair to absorb the nutrients in the hair mask. In the dry hair state, the hair structure is tight, the hair scales are closed, and nutrients cannot smoothly enter the hair interior, which greatly reduces the nursing effect. So, after shampooing, keeping the hair in a non dripping state and then using a hair mask can achieve very good hair care effects.

Hello everyone, this episode teaches you how to use hair masks from a professional perspective. By mastering these hair care knowledge points, you can double the effectiveness of your hair care.

1. Avoid using hair masks for dry hair

As mentioned earlier, hair is in a dry state with closed scales and a tight structure, resulting in poor water absorption. If a hair mask is used in this state, it will not only affect the absorption effect of the hair, but also cause waste, and the effectiveness of care will be greatly reduced.

So, before using a hair mask, be sure to wash your hair thoroughly and dry it with a towel until it does not drip. Then, use the hair mask. At this point, the hair scales will open, the structure will be loose, and the absorption effect will be the best. The care effect will also be the best.

2. Choose suitable hair mask products based on your hair

There are many types of hair mask products, including wrapping types, which mainly focus on the care of the epidermis. After use, the hair is very smooth, suitable for people who often use hair dryers, electric curling sticks, and electric splints. Some are permeable and have good penetration effects, mainly targeting hair that is frequently permed and dyed. So, it is important to choose a suitable hair mask product based on the hair quality, otherwise the nursing purpose cannot be achieved.

Most hair masks for household use are simple to operate, such as non steaming ones, which are mostly inexpensive. The hair mask products specifically designed for hair salons are mostly mixed types and require steam heating, so the use effect is definitely much better than that of household products. If your hair is not severely damaged, household products can meet your daily care requirements. If your hair is severely damaged, it is best to go to a hair salon and have professionals use professional products to help you with care. This is the most reliable approach.

3. Persist in doing is the key

Some people say that the effect of the hair mask is good just after it is finished, but it doesn't work after washing your hair. In fact, no matter how advanced the hair mask is, not sticking to it will not have a good effect. Because the loss of hair is irreversible, doing it once can only absorb so much nutrients. Only by doing it multiple times can nutrients accumulate in the hair, gradually restoring vitality to the hair. It is not just using it once or twice that you can see the effect.

Hair masks do have the effect of being applied once but only once. If they are applied a few times, the nutrients in the hair will gradually lose as the hair is washed, and the hair will return to its dry state before care. If you want to maintain an adequate amount of nutrients in your hair, do it at least once a week. Three days of fishing and two days of drying the net, even a good hair mask cannot produce good results.

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