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The Older You Get The Gentler You Appear With The Low Bun

Many women choose various types of hairstyles based on seasonal changes, and in summer, try to focus on refreshing attire. In terms of hairstyle, some adjustments should also be made. It is not necessary to always wear a long hair, as most women are actually more suitable to lower their bun. The older they get, the more they can appear gentle in temperament and state.

1. Low bun with no bangs or broken hair

Low bun is a hairstyle that looks particularly simple and doesn't take too much time to construct. First, tie a low ponytail, then wrap the hair around it to keep the shape of the bun. However, in the details, corresponding adjustments can still be made to make the low bun particularly match its own state.

If you feel that your facial condition is relatively good and there are not too many flaws to modify, you can tie a smooth low bun, without any broken hair or bangs blocking your face, making it look particularly atmospheric.

Women with low bun and various facial shapes can maintain a relatively high degree of adaptability, but at the same time, adjustments should be made according to their specific situation to make the low bun and facial state more consistent.

The low bun shaped head without any bangs will bring a capable feeling, and it will make the woman's face clearly presented, resulting in a relatively refreshing effect, which is very suitable for use this summer. And the bun will fix the hair well, without adding a scattered feeling in the area of the shoulder.

2. Loose low bun

But if the face shape is a bit broad or the facial lines are not very smooth, when tying the low bun, bangs or broken hair can be added to create a lazy style, and such a low bun is more likely to bring a sense of atmosphere.

The loose low bun gives people a casual characteristic, but in fact, it inadvertently brings a soft tone. The low bun does not need to be tied too tightly, and the hair can also be pulled out for a fluffy feeling, which can quickly modify the contour of the back of the head. Especially for women with longer hair, tying their low bun can also significantly increase their hair volume.

A low bun decorated with bangs or broken hair can not only help women show a very gentle temperament, but also bring the effect of modifying the face shape through specific hairstyles.

If you want to increase your hair volume and make the entire look extremely fluffy, you can first curl your hair into a curved shape before lowering the bun. This not only highlights the gentle side, but also brings a feminine image.

3. Textured bun

If you think the simple low bun may look too popular, you can also tie your hair into a braid after tying the low ponytail and wind it again, so that the low bun will have a certain sense of texture.

The older a woman gets, the more proficient she becomes in controlling her low bun, which is not an exaggeration.

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