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Short Hair Reduces Age More For Women Over 60

When women reach the age of sixty, they cannot still retain their youthful aesthetic, as changes in personal status require them to choose different hairstyles to enhance their image. Long hair strands can expose gradually thinning hair, and may also cause the hair to appear smaller due to excessive contact with the scalp. Short hair may better meet the needs of older women and achieve the effect of showcasing vitality and energy.

The types of short hair are particularly diverse, and it is recommended that older women choose short hair with simple design, so as not to spend too much effort on subsequent maintenance or care. The short hair introduced below has the advantage of being compatible with most people's facial features. The entire hairstyle is not particularly novel, but it is very durable, showcasing a particularly atmospheric and appropriate image.

1. Cut the hair tail to create a sense of layering

In fact, the specific classification of short hair is quite diverse, which can be straight short hair or short curly hair. The visual effects constructed by the two are really different. But the simpler the short hair, the more it has a grounding effect and can accommodate different female facial shapes.

2. Paired with thin bangs

The inner buckle short hair introduced here has a relatively simple and plain appearance, suitable for older women over 60 to try. In addition to creating a layered pattern at the end of the hair, which enhances the overall folding sensation of the hair, it is also possible to pair it with a thinner bangs to conceal the excessively high hairline.

The reason why it is recommended to use lightweight bangs is because when bangs are too long or too thick, it can make the personal image particularly oppressive. Only when it is shorter, thinner, and more transparent, it is best to expose a portion of the forehead to appear more agile. For women over 60 years old, you can try this bangs that do not completely cover your eyebrows. Its combination with layered short hair can create a very elegant feeling and beautify your face quite well. Even if the entire face shape is long or round, using this bangs can still be appropriately modified.

Many women may find that once the facial shape is covered up to create a coverage effect on the facial contour, it may not appear energetic enough. Once the ears are exposed, it will actually have the effect of complementing the facial shape and modifying the face. Therefore, older women should also choose an appropriate hairstyle based on their facial muscles.

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